How emerging technologies will affect your business

We touch the technological innovations which force businesses to re-evaluate their priorities and rethink how to use it to influence their knowledge spectrum and translate them into business evolvement. Technology and time are moving faster than business can understand and implement it wisely, we at Clavent are enabling individuals and businesses to keep in pace with the disruptive technological trends by getting the best pros in the industry sharing their hands on experience for deeper understanding. We organize,


We organize conferences across the cutting edge technologies which may have potential of proving disruptive or useful to businesses and individuals.


We provide teams the right training with persistent learning curve which can help businesses evolve their individuals and translate into success.


People are the biggest asset a company holds and we provide focused sessions and workshops on the technologies which can help individuals grow and contribute to company’s success.

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Liked the “family” feeling the conference had!

Liked the “family” feeling the conference had, the atmosphere of the conference really allowed people to contribute in discussions, asking questions, sharing thoughts etc. A lot of bigger conferences are lacking this.

Jori Ramakers

Had an enriching experience!

Thank you @ClaventEvents for inviting me and helping me share #Microsofts #Test and #DevOps journey. Had an enriching experience sharing and connecting with so many. đź‘Ťto a wonderful conference #testing #TESTCON2019

Divya Vaishnavi

Indeed a Great learning experience!

Thanks, Clavent for arranging a TestCon in Bangalore. Indeed a Great learning experience!

Lokesh Kumar

Helped fellow testers to listen to great orators!

You guys did an awesome job in choosing the right people for the conference. Indeed helped fellow testers to listen to great orators. Interactions during the session, post-session and networking for the rest of the tester life made #TESTCON2019 successful.

Shiva Mathivanan

Thank you for helping me experience such a wonderful conference.

Thank you @ClaventEvents for inviting me and helping me experience such a wonderful conference. Three things (out of the many others which I missed) that help you stand out: 1.Organizing committee 2. Talk selection 3. Ability to quickly learn. #TESTCON2019

Ajay Balamurugadas
Qapitol QA

Spectrum of attendees at all career levels!

Given how new this conference is, it’s surprisingly well organized and has managed to attract quite a spectrum of attendees at all career levels. It was delightful to see most of my current clients in the audience during my presentation. Very courteous organizers, excellent arrangements on the day, and stimulating content.

Bharat Sangekar

It’s great to speak and present to like-minded people!

It’s great to speak and present to like-minded people. Thanks to Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran and Clavent for inviting to speak and present of blockchain and Health care.

Blockchain 2.0
Priyank Jani
Co-Speaker, Healthchain

Humbled by the crowd!

“Proof of Burn & its Economics” during the Blockchain 2.0 Conference. Humbled by the crowd and thanks to the organizers Clavent Team. Organizing team did a great job.

Blockchain 2.0
Shankar Ganesh PJ
Blockchain Specialist, BlockStack

Exceptional job done!

The way you had marketed the event was exceptional and beyond what others do. Your connect with everyone was strong. Exceptional job done. Please keep it up.

Blockchain 2.0
Vijay Kumar
Technology Executive, TiVo

It’s awesome to see how the developers climbed up the tech ladder within a year!

It’s been a year since the Blockchain Journey has started as a Speaker. It’s awesome to see how the developers climbed up the tech ladder within a year. Thanks to Clavent Team for organizing an excellent event.

Blockchain 2.0
Araf Karsh Hamid
Co-Founder, Metamagic Global

Beyond just concept!

Excellent set of speakers and delegates sparring into details of execution and beyond just concept. Nice work by Clavent Team and super speech by Gokul Alex.

Blockchain 2.0
Shane Nantis

Felt I was in 10 years in the future!

Great session on BlockChain 2.0 by Clavent. Felt I was in 10 years in the future. Thanks to all the speakers especially Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran Venkateswaran used case on ISDP, fake medicine,medical supply chain audit. Thanks Clavent Team!

Blockchain 2.0
Nanda Kumar

Great discussion on practical implementations!

It is great to see the kind of excitement that blockchain is generating and the exposure and experience young developers already have on it! Great discussion on practical implementations and use cases of blockchain technology. Thanks to Clavent Team for organizing a great event with a well thought out agenda.

Blockchain 2.0
Ashish Bhatia
Senior Director, Harman International

The best BLOCKCHAIN Event in recent times!

In my opinion, this event was the best BLOCKCHAIN Event in recent times in the region. Thanks Clavent Team for the great event!

Blockchain 2.0
Mohan Satyaranjan
Technical Mentor, nVipani Labs

Very well organized

Very well organized. Started on time. There was a lot of focus on ensuring that the participants get to ask questions. Event organizers to keep it very lively. Loved it

Shiva Jayagopal
Director, WinVinaya Infosystems

#TestCon2019 Bangalore AfterMovie

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