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Technology advancement is one of the most common disruptions affecting organizations today and there is a need for HR leaders to develop the capacity to transform and build the workforce of the future.


But, are all HRs making use of technology effectively? NO. Are we doing enough to educate them and appreciate their efforts? NO. Should we appreciate them more for being a HR Technologist in this data-driven world? Absolutely YES.

Why this initiative?

With the availability of so many cutting-edge tools and apps, HR teams are easily building an impressive tech stack to meet the 360-degree needs of employees. Almost all HR teams are leveraging technology to automate or enhance all functional process.


We are looking for the Top HRs/Organisations leveraging the use of technology to streamline their processes and enhancing the overall value of the HR function in the company. The effectiveness of tech-savvy HR leaders on the organization is immense and it is often underrated, we want to appreciate those gems by this program of ours.


We strongly believe that HR leaders are like the unsung heroes of an organisation, who do (and can do) a lot more towards the growth of a company, not only from HR perspective but also from a strategic standpoint. Hence, we have taken this initiative, to identify, appreciate and showcase Top HR Leaders Leveraging Technology in 2020.

Selection criteria

This is the toughest part of our search, and this is where we will need your support. Our shortlisting criteria will include (but not limited to) as below:

  • Detailed Case Study of use of technology at the organisation- Explain the HR tech stack and which all process has been technologically touched.
  • Specific use cases in talent management, people analytics, Rewards/Recognition and L&D.
  • Share the measurement metrics and quantify the change brought by use of technology.

Eligibility criteria

HR Professionals effectively using technology at their organisations.


Anyone can submit a nomination for their HR leaders (eg. PR representatives, CEO, Employees)


NOTE: We do not expect any sponsorship or payments from your side. This is a voluntary initiative and we are doing this only to encourage, recognise and appreciate the emerging HR professionals of India.


Those selected will be featured in the “Top 20 Emerging TechHR Leaders 2020.” list of Clavent Blog and social channels and will also earn the industry-wide recognition that comes with this honour.

  • The email of your success will be shared with 1 lakh+ startups & SMEs in India and abroad
  • HR leaders profile & along with HR leaders picture, written by our editorial team
  • Inclusion of Brand name in the listing of Top companies with Best HR Technologist
  • Certificate of excellence from sumHR
  • A token of appreciation gift and certificate from the Clavent team
  • Feature on all our social media platforms



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