3 Lightning Talks- Real-life application examples for Blockchain Adopters

Feb 1, 2019




Topic 1: Blockchain’s killer apps by Rohit Taneja

Abstract: The thing about Blockchain is that its evolution is eerily similar to the internet. People are super excited, there is a lot of hype, things are quite fuzzy, a lot of companies want to adopt it but are unsure of the how and the why. This is what interests me in terms of a silent revolution in the making, the results of which will be visible in around a decade at mass scale.
Time to explore some of the killer apps of blockchain and how they are disrupting the different aspects of your daily lives.


Topic 2: Leverage Blockchain for making user reviews the key criterion for evaluating businesses by Sharat Chandra

Abstract: A business that understands the importance of reviews and the value of a good online
reputation will be eager to protect it. This has produced new specialities: ORM (Online
Reputation Management) and SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management).
Companies are using services to generate positive reviews, and as consumers become aware
of this practice, they begin to look much more critically at published reviews. Nevertheless,
the percentage of users that trust reviews are very high – more than 80%. This is the reason that
large advertising budgets are allocated to maintaining online ratings.
Platforms specializing in reviews have come to the aid of the community of businesses and
their customers. In the early stages, they were relatively effective and primarily benefitted
small businesses that lacked the means to pay for marketing expertise. Over time, however,
fake reviews have worked their way into these specialized sites.
The TOWECO platform provides a solution to the problem of spurious online reviews. This
the new system is designed to facilitate the flow of legitimate information as a service both to
consumers and to businesses which, given the availability of the internet in a highly
competitive environment, are forced to spend substantial amounts on marketing.
Toweco will gather existing reviews and also allow its users to write new reviews in order to verify the quality of vendors of goods and services and to give them ratings using blockchain and machine learning. Users will accordingly see on a single site all the available reviews together with a rating of their “trustworthiness.” And they will not need to navigate through many sites in order to find accurate judgments.


Topic 3: Why Blockchain is a Game Changer for Supply Chain Management Transparency by Rajarshi Mitra

Abstract: Managing today’s supply chains is extraordinarily complex. Depending on the product, the supply chain can span over hundreds of stages, multiple geographical (international) locations, a multitude of invoices and payments, have several individuals and entities involved, and extend over months of time.

However, as the system becomes more complex and less transparent, it becomes riddled with corruption and inefficiency. This is the reason why the blockchain technology is being looked like a game-changer in completely revamping this industry.​_

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