API Testing with Codeception

Nov 7, 2019




In a business where technology is involved, APIs are critical to the application functioning and thorough API test suites are a simpler and more convenient way to run through a series of checks before putting the product on live. In my company (busuu), we have android, iOS and webapp and one backend to support all the platforms so it’s very important for us do all the API checks before going live. It’s not easy to perform backend checks in an hour or so manually and that too when we release 4-5 times a day. So we needed the best possible approach in order to cut down the manual work and also to avoid human errors when testing APIs manually. By automating APIs we can test a wider range of test cases in very little time. But the biggest challenge for us was creating the json schema. Each platform requires different properties in the json schema and testing only the responses coming from backend is not enough. So I have used the tool called codeception in order to overcome this issue.

  • Swarnim Kumari


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