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Jul 5, 2019




Generate ROI quickly in Agile World.

In an Agile/Continuous Delivery environment, there is no time to be maintaining automated tests because of the changes made to the target application. By definition, the target application is going to change rapidly. Test automation can be a valuable asset to a development or testing organization, providing a positive return on investment (ROI), if the tests can be maintained quickly and easily so that they are always ready to run.
In this presentation, the presenter shares strategies that can be employed to build automated tests that are resilient to change. The presentation begins with a discussion about how to structure test automation so that it is inherently maintainable. The author describes each of the components that comprise a well-developed automation architecture including the test plan, object definition, test methods, test data layer, execution strategy and results reporting. He also discusses strategies for defining application
objects that will survive change. He provides step by step instructions for building re-usable methods that separate test function from test data. Test script samples are examined to illustrate encapsulation and re-use. Here is a summary of what the participant will learn:
1. How to write a test plan for organizing and executing
automated tests
2. How to define application objects
3. How to structure tests to make them easier to maintain
4. How to integrate with version control and continuous integration
Reducing test case maintenance in every step of the automation process is
the surest way to build tests that last and achieve a positive return on

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