Automation Testing in the Era of Big Data

Jul 31, 2019




An overview of big data testing comparison to the other testings and showcase on an automation framework base on AWS big data technology.

  • The world had changed. Every field of the industry want to introduce in Machine learning and AI to help their business. Big data is the infrastructure of everything. We need to qualify the data first before anything
  • Big data testing comparation to other testing. From functional testing to data testing. Everything is data.
  • Big data have to use automation testing. No other choice. Performance testing is mandatory for every component. Regression is necessary for every release.
  • Automation framework is still necessary. All the testing should be built base on framework. Test pipeline should be designed at the beginning.
  • Show case of Autodesk infrastructure of big data testing platform base on AWS
  • New idea of automation testing base on AWS lambda for data lost checking instead of automation framework.
  • testcon 2019
    Ma Nan


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