Build business case for Blockchain and making it real via building collaborative ecosystem

Aug 1, 2019




Organizations intend to leverage Blockchain as a truly transformative business model that is based on strong digital trust. While the underlying technology matures to enable business innovation, the adaption of Blockchain across the industries depends on factors beyond just technology. In the truly digitized world, we are moving away from competing via a dominant value chain to a new evolved model called Value Networks. Blockchain is a perfect manifestation of value networks that are built with sustainable partnerships. Understanding the impediments for Blockchain adaption those are beyond technology include social, cultural and economical aspects. It is critical to deal with a cost if inclusive trust and understand business models around it.
This session intends to address the fundamental questions around Blockchain – what are the business models where blockchain is relevant, what does it take to make Blockchain use cases successful, what are top industries adapting Blockchain.

  • Blockchain 2.0
    Shrikant Patil

    Oliver Wyman

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