Building Testing Tools to Save The Tester

Jul 31, 2019




There is no single company in this world who will say “We don’t care about quality”. What creates quality? Organization culture determines the Quality of the products that they build but most organizations have cultures that are anti-quality. Plus, the demand for good developers is so high and the supply has a huge shortage. So people end up hiring developers who want to write code but don’t want to test it.

Testers are the reason why many crappy Culture and Engineering teams succeed. Product and Engineering teams offload the responsibility of Quality on Testers and continue writing crappy code. The sin of a tester is to accept the responsibility of Quality and trying to do it as a “Single Function” responsibility.

I have used Automation in my career in a different way than what most of them have used. To me, automation has become building tools. Automating tests is 1% of what Automation is in Testing. As I began building tools, I realized I started to Save the Tester within me. Today, I am doing two things.

Building tools for testers to use
Creating product owners out of testers to build testing tools

A lot of testers ask, “What is the future of testing?” The future is what we create. In this talk, I would like to share the future of testing my teams and I are creating to save testers from bad cultures and sometimes from themselves. You will enjoy this talk and it will rattle you in good ways.

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    Pradeep Soundararajan

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