Fast lane delivery : Achieving ‘Zero touch’ with the ‘Triangle of Automation’

Apr 4, 2019



Faster delivery and unprecedented changes has brought a different challenge to maintain ‘Quality’ of systems. The trio of automation – Process, Testing and Infrastructure automation, when combined, creates a powerful ecosystem for driving Quality into the systems.
In a race to join the fast lane and the drive to reach our customers faster, Business are now in the juncture of a quality dilemma – adopting changes and accepting risks(Just enough) vs Lean quality (Good enough). Our aim through this talk is to understand and appreciate how automation can play a role in dealing with the quality dilemma through Continuous Integration and Testing.
The three forces of automation, that when combined, create a powerful ecosystem for driving Quality into the system. It consists of –
A. Process automation
B. Test Automation and
C. Infrastructure automation
Through an intelligent way of combining the power of three, we can enable and accelerate measuring and optimising quality of a system.
A process automation brings together the elements of continuous integration and continuous testing coupled with an intelligent analysis and optimisation framework. The intelligent optimisation framework, when enabled, can not only assist in identifying the bottleneck but also advising of the remediation.
Test automation framework brings out the aspects of arranging and injecting the right validation principles and test engines to provide an objective view of the quality of systems.
And lastly, an Infrastructure automation provides the platform to enable both Process and Test automation by automating the ‘provisioning and destruction’ of infrastructure-under-test on demand.
The trio of automation, when applied in the right context, can enable a near zero-touch experience for engineers and help organizations to deliver faster without compromising the quality.

  • TESTCON 2019
    Abhijit Khan

    Cognizant Australia

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