Continuous delivery with API & Microservices

Oct 5, 2018




With enterprises increasingly embracing API & Microservices architecture for scalable and quicker deployments, it’s critical that QA implements a robust strategy enabling zero touch automation. This presentation details on the Microservices test automation tools & approach including component, contract testing and end-to-end validation. It covers the CI/CD pipeline for Microservices encompassing Static analysis, regression automation, performance testing and static security analysis driven by Jenkins pipeline-as-a-code.
Key take-away for the audience:

  • Comparison of Monolith vs Microservices applications
  • How API & Microservices are accelerating the deployments
  • Test Automation approach for Microservices
  • Build CI/CD pipeline using pipeline-as-a-code
  • Overview on API Gateway and API monitoring tools
  • Benefits and Value Proposition
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    Sai Subhramanian Sivasailem


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