Crypto Exchange , Lending & Fund the FUTURE OF MONEY

Aug 1, 2019




Crypto Exchange

The digital world has taken over , the exponential interest in crypto currencies are growing. Crypto exchange shapes the future of finance. They allow the exchange of fiat money into crypto and exchanging of one crypto to another. Crypto exchanges also allow blockchain projects to list their coins and startup to fund raise/crowd sale via initial exchange offering.

Crypto Loans

Taking loans from a bank is a cumbersome and tiring process for borrowers. In this modern world, it typically takes 30 days under ideal conditions for a loan to reach borrower’s account. There are also lenders who need returns on their investments and deposits. But, in this scenario of economic upheaval where interest rates are too low or even negative, good returns are pretty hard to come by. With Crypto Lending, one can borrow and lend almost instantaneously without unnecessary friction from banks and government regulations. Through this system, lenders get profitable interest rates and borrowers can borrow cheap loans. It happens in a hassle-free manner through peer-to-peer lending which leverages Blockchain technology to make everything fast and cheap.

Crypto Fund

More investors are interested in investing their money in cryptocurrencies. cryptocurrency funds is designed to help investors gain exposure to this new asset class. A cryptocurrency fund is an investment fund that allows its customers to gain exposure to the digital asset class. Crypto-funds make it easy for investors to navigate through their assets. Crypto funds allow investors to pool their capital together so that it can be invested on their behalf by a fund manager. It’s the manager’s job to make investment decisions based on the fund’s underlying strategy and goals for risk and return.

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