Elite-performing DevOps Teams

Oct 11, 2019




Elite DevOps teams deploy on-demand upmteen times everyday with a failure rate below 15%.
Google creates nearly 4M builds per day and scales its DevOps processes.
These are just a few insight based on the research on DevOps teams.
This talk deep-dives on DevOps procedures and best practices, and discuss how enterprises or startups – all sizes included, across domains, use DevOps to unlock the leading edge and core practices found in elite-performing DevOps teams.

A brief outline of the talk includes –
– Performance metrics across DevOps teams
– Make a robust delivery pipeline
– Enforcing standardized release practices
– Speed and Agility
– Cultural paradigms in DevOps
– Tools/Techniques in DevOps

  • Testcon 2019
    Dharmesh Vaya

    FirstRand Services Pvt Ltd

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