How Blockchain Could be a Game changer For BFSI

Feb 1, 2019




How Blockchain has potential to solve deterring issues of Non-Performing Assets (NPA) grappling most economies and how they could be instrumental in increasing GDP of any country? The talk would bring forth killer smart contract uses cases, applications & services that could be game changers (with global opportunities) & how Blockchain could help reduce operational cost, increase profitability and earning per share (EPS) – something that even top CEOs miss out. This will be illustrated with a full blown out yet simple financial analysis and case studies.

The talk will focus on disruption awaiting to happen in Banking and Financial Services Industry: how investment banks need to reinvent themselves to face challenges posed by disintermediation and decentralization in the world of Ethereum & Hyperledger.

Lastly, the talk would focus on the marriage of AI with Blockchain & how this would be the ultimate game-changer over the next few years.

  • Blockchain 3.0
    Vijay Kumar


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