How to Build Quality From Scratch in the Highly Development Driven Team

Apr 2, 2019



In this presentation, I will present the state of the art on how to build quality from zero in the development driven team. As the organization is moving towards lean structure, the team has been moving to reporting under a flat structure of senior manager who overlook a huge team of 8 development driven team members, 2 QA members and a technical publication member. Hence, different expectation has been given to the QA baton to help build quality culture among the new development driven team 15 months ago. As I moved to this team to empower the QA among the team, I will be sharing the how-tos and techniques to build this QA awareness among the 11 large members of the development driven team with 2 QA (including myself). I will also share several shifts and mindsets deployed when building quality from scratch from the Day 1 to currently which has been successful in delivering rapid multiple software deliveries namely to our customers; Amazon, Google, MediaTek and Broadcom. Finally, this presentation will also provide insights into real case studies of how to empower the team with QA mindset, culture in building an excellent quality deliverable products (Android TV specifically), efficiently.

  • TESTCON 2019
    Jason Lee

    Dolby Laboratories

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