How to validate video quality of a live stream ?

Jul 4, 2019




With growing content and live sports events, validation of video stream is atmost priority, to check whether a stream is playable and metrics to quantify the quality of video that is being served to the user. In Hotstar, there are multiple live events that are being published on daily basis. How do we ensure the quality of video or whether the content is even playable?
There was no tool available in the market with the capability of verifying multiple streams (HLS & DASH) in parallel. So we decided to build something in-house.
Validation of live video stream by using ‘video-validator’ tool is the solution that we came up with. This tool is a service that picks up published live content automatically and triggers video stream check in all possible streams at the same time and stops the validation when a content is unpublished, which mean no manual intervention , no need to run Jenkins or any other CI-CD pipelines manually. This tool checks the quality of video stream across both HLS and DASH stream. It supports multiple stream validations in parallel and pushes realtime reports to Grafana for visibility. We have also developed a dashboard to keep track of the contents that are picked up for validation and maintains the status so that any authorised user can see multiple stages of validations – if the content is picked up for validation, if its queued or if the validation has finished. On clicking, the users will be redirected to the Grafana dashboard where they can see more details. All we have to do is look for alerts and report them to right people. This tool is now being used company-wide and has become the one-stop solution for all real-time validations.
We would be demonstrating how the service works and how it has reduced the turnaround time for reporting issues making QA proactive than being reactive.

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    Snehal Akhouri


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