How we failed at Test Automation – Failure Stories & Overcome

Jul 5, 2019




Adopting test automation in one’s test plan is more challenging than it may initially appear. Understanding these challenges can help QA teams recognize some common mistakes and set a better, more realistic plan for their next attempt at automation. Everyone jumps on to the test automation bandwagon and Ajay’s teams were also not behind. After trying out different approaches and making multiple mistakes, Ajay is aware of what not to do. This talk would focus on the different failure stories and what we learned from each of them.
Attend this talk to find out which mistakes your teams are currently making if any and how to avoid them. Do you need to rethink your entire approach and pick only a certain subset of the overall test ideas to automate? Maybe, it is time to think deeply and critically before one embarks on the journey of test automation and not as an afterthought.

  • Testcon
    Ajay Balamurugadas

    Qapitol QA

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