Implementing an automation-first approach: the good, the bad and the ugly

Apr 4, 2019



Almost two years ago, we decided to implement an automation-first approach in the largest transformation program at Toll Group, driven by the need and desire to effectively accelerate testing and contribute to the reduction of the overall project life cycle.
In this presentation, the audience will learn about what automation-first means to us, how we are using this approach to automate progression testing and our implementation journey. It will also highlight the importance of having the right approach to make your automation journey a success.

Most importantly, it is an opportunity to share what we have learned so far:
– The good – wins, results (e.g. 80% tests automated, 83% defects found earlier), what has worked for us
– The bad – difficulties/challenges and how we have overcome them – what hasn’t worked for us
– The ugly – what to avoid at all cost

This approach is being used for the testing of new interfaces which involves new SOAP and REST APIs.

    Abdiel Mancilla

    Toll Group / Turing Consulting

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