Implementing Scriptless test automation in a complex global landscape

Oct 11, 2019




In the recent past the speaker had the privilege of implementing test automation in the complex global landscapes of 3 leaders (BP, Heineken and Linde) from different industries. This session is meant for empowering future test leaders/managers by taking them through the most recent success story and its recipe.
Some common challenges facing such global titans are:
1. Business is demanding faster, yet stable releases and you have low automation of regression tests
2. Landscape is extremely complex with multiple ERP instances integrated with countless satellite apps
3. Existing automated tests need high maintenance and you have low readiness for DevOps
4. You need a transformation but have cost, resource and time constraints
The audience can benefit by knowing how to mitigate or resolve the above.

The speaker will walk through the strategy, approach and processes of the transformation. The outcomes and learnings would be shared along with the implementation plan. Starting from how to convince your sponsors and stakeholders to how to manage the skills of your resources; this session will provide an all-round view of the implementation.

  • Testcon 2019
    Prantik Biswas

    Linde Plc

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