Increase Coverage, Shrink Schedule for Swift, Spark Standards and enable Agile DevOps using Innovative Product

Jul 5, 2019




Many industry leading companies in BFSI space are embracing Agile Devops to grow their revenues, profits and beat their competition. One of the biggest hurdles for them to embrace Agile DevOps is – how to test High complex interconnected systems that communicate through inbound and outbound messaging based on industry defined standards (like Swift, Spark) within less time (major criteria for Agile) and with High Quality.

Complete cycle of testing, re-testing of tens of thousands of test cases for industry standards could take weeks, which is very difficult in the rapid cycle of Agile DevOps.

Hence, there is a need for an automation tool that can easily be configured and at the same time be integrated into the Agile DevOps flow so that the validation happens automatically and results are reported seamlessly.

During this presentation, we will show the actual demo of the product which could enable BFSI customers to embrace Agile DevOps completely.

    Shiva Jayagopal

    WinVinaya InfoSystems

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