The Impact on Testing Strategies of the Increasing Adoption of DevOps

Nov 7, 2019




Many organisations have been changing the architecture of their products to break down monolithic applications into smaller componentised features such as micro-services. To support this approach, they are also adopting DevOps patterns and tools which automate the integration, testing and delivery of these new components. The increased frequency of deployments of these new services means that many test teams are having to reexamine their test strategies to adapt to the increased throughput of features as well as develop new skills to perform automated testing. In addition, it does not make business sense to change all business applications to micro-services so test teams still need integration environments where both fast moving components as well as slower moving monolithic applications are deployed. Using examples from real life projects, this presentation discusses how testing strategies need to adapt to the adoption of DevOps and the move towards continuous delivery.

  • Testcon 2019
    Keith Watson

    ADP UK

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