Increasing Adoption of DevOps and how it impacts Software Testing

Oct 5, 2018




DevOps is a game changer. The focus here is on automation. Automation of almost everything – from build to deployment to infrastructure to testing. Focus is not on release cycles, but on features that can be deployed fast. Deployment with feature flags, A/B mode are very common in DevOps. Methodology moves from Contract based delivery (like in Waterfall, where we need to stick to BRD, Requirements) or from Release Cycles (like in Agile where development is in few weeks spring, but deployment is after many months) to Deploy Button (in DevOps). This changes the life of a software tester. Test Strategy has to align with this crazy speed. Test Automation has to move from Regression to In-Cycle automation. Testing has to move from functional testing after the code is ready to shifting left – Testing when the build is done, testing when the deployment is done. Testers should move from being functional testers to SDETs (Software Development Engineer in Test). This changes our financial models from monitoring fixed cost models (ex: Infrastructure) to Variable Costs (Treat infrastructure as a code, as a variable cost – which can be paid, based on usage). In Software Testing, we need to un-learn and re-learn to be ready for the DevOps world. It changes everything.

    Shiva Jayagopal

    WinVinaya InfoSystems

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