Artificial Intelligence, the Elephant in the Room

Apr 2, 2019



We are racing towards a singularity where automation testing will be synonymous with “AI Testing”. The BIG question is, “…how big is the impact of AI on the automation testing discipline, how can we prepare and what will our discipline look like? ”
AI is used in the gaming industry, in the scientific community, but what about in the automation testing industry. Is it possible? Can it be done? Will this change the way we do automation? Will AI re-define the term, Crowd Testing?

This session will bring these topics to light and attempt to address them with the view to the future of automation testing and AI. Synthetic users, that are programmed to learn and mimic end-user behaviour, how can this be achieved? Let’s go on a journey of discovery and see the possibilities of AI in Automation Testing (AIAT).

  • TESTCON 2019
    Nick Kuc


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