Test Reporting on Blockchain

Jul 4, 2019




Test Results are expected to be authentic, and irrefutable always. Organisations have traditionally backed up their claims about their products with their own test reports, test repots by third parties, inter-op tests, and certificates of compliance to certain standards from certifying agencies. Verification of these claims has been a time-consuming, expensive process. With ‘Continuous Deployment’ gaining popularity, the problem has only become harder.
Blockchain technology is the new technology for automating establishment of trust between parties unknown to each other. It guarantees authenticity of the information stored, by technologically ensuring, immutability of information stored in Distributed Ledgers, after rigorous evaluation to arrive at a consensus, among the participating parties.

Recording Test Results on a Blockchain can greatly simplify automation of decision making, due to elimination of the need to verify the authenticity of the results. Further, all members of the eco-system can be participants, creating a single source of authentic, and irrefutable truth. As adoption increases, automated tools would eliminate manual checks, and audits, significantly speeding up the verification process. Analytics, and ML based algorithms could be used to alert problematic deployments in near real-time. Role based, authenticated, and accounted secure access to un-alterable test reports will speed up all processes, and reduce costs.

  • Blockchain 2.0
    Mohan Satyaranjan

    Taqanal Energy Pvt. Ltd.

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