Testing the Next Gen of Technologies – IoT Mobility and Cloud

Oct 5, 2018




The Internet of Things (IoT) are every objects that you see around you ! whether it’s your wash-machine, refrigerator, light bulbs, car, even your toothbrush are about to acquire a form of sentience. Some of them already we have it today ex. smart watch, Nest thermostats and Amazon Echo etc are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our embedded future. Sensors, Actuators and Cloud backends are coming together to bestow smartness upon a bewildering array of previously inanimate, dumb objects. While embedded systems have been around for a very long time in the form of consumer electronics, IoT has given them a new dimension. Previously these systems were essentially self-contained and could work in isolation. But Interoperability objects now need to converse with each other to function properly. This means the exchange of data is between Device-to-Device and Device-to-Server communication, in addition to the human interaction that comes into play as everyday objects become an extension of the Internet. In traditional software development the code can be built and testing can be automated in production-like environments.. Though things are increasingly complicated in the embedded system world, the end user’s expectations are the same that modern systems should just work as normal. However, the IoT products are not yet as robust as their more traditional counterparts. Until recently continuous integration had never been a fixture of embedded software development, mostly because the interplay between hardware and software made things more difficult. To fix this gap, IoT vendors are moving to integrate better continuous integration into their daily practices. One needs to be verified in order to achieve continuous integration in the IoT is the possibility of Test Automation. While it can be achieved in the embedded space, a number of hurdles need to be overcome. It isn’t as easy to isolate code because of the dependencies to the underlying hardware that can hardly be overlooked Having many of such challenges in place for Testing an IoT & Cloud solutions, how a tester can unearth defects to finally meet his core objectives to make it a quality deliverable product ??

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    Dhinakar Ramamurthy

    Renault-Nissan Technology and Business Centre India

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