The Strategies used by High-Performing Teams to Deliver Better Software and Accelerate Growth

Nov 7, 2019




Discover the secret to how the world’s top-performing QA and Engineering leaders change cultures of quality, to one that allows them to deliver high-quality software with speed, and accelerate the growth of their business. Learn how they shift company perspectives on the value of testing, to future-proofing your product for world-class customer experiences.
Join the author of ‘Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High-Quality Software and Accelerate Growth’ to learn how to:

Create a ‘quality narrative’ to provide detailed insight for the other departments in your company, that illustrate the importance of your quality teams
Understand how to make QA decisions based on your product’s maturity
Identify the metric that illustrates how critical your teams’ work is to the company and learn how to align their activities towards a shared goal to contribute to the overall growth of the company

Using the insights and stories gained from working with over 120 of the world’s top leaders in QA and Engineering from companies, including Etsy, Google, Airbnb, HelloFresh and more.

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