Testcon 2019

Ion Mudreac

Director for Platform and SRE, Hooq

Ion has 20+ years of IT experience. He previously worked in Japan starting his startup and later joining Merrill Lynch. He was eventually moved to Merrill Lynch Singapore to lead Asia Pac Wealth Management IT team. Before joining Hooq, he was with SCB building new digital bank in Hong Kong and leading SRE and Data Engineering teams, before standard chartered he was in Commerzbank and held various team lead roles for eFX Connectivity and FX Option global team.
In Hooq his role as Director for platform and SRE he is looking after Cloud Platform and SRE that supports more than 80 mil users. he spends most of his time in bringing new technologies that provide support for existing users and facilitate lean growth for future business development.
He is a veteran of agile and lean development “Scrum, XP, and Kanban,” DevOps “CI/CD.”
Ion is RedHat, Scrum Master, Amazon AWS solution architect certified and 3 professional certifications from Google Cloud. He holds Master Degrees in Project Management and Efficiency of Investment and Ph.D. in IT Management.