Blockchain 2.0

Mohan Satyaranjan

CTO, Taqanal Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Mohan is a co-founder, Director & CTO at Taqanal Energy Pvt. Ltd. In addition, he is Technical Mentor at nVipani Labs., and CTO at Arthrospira Agroponics Pvt. Ltd. His current interests are Energy, Blockchain, FinTech, IoT Applications, and Supply Chain.
Prior to these Mohan worked in industry for about 35 years. He held Director, and above positions at NetApp Inc, Juniper Networks, and Cisco Systems in the last 15 years. At both Cisco Systems, and Juniper Networks, he along with his team created product lines, that went on to become over a billion dollars a year, businesses in just a few years.

Mohan has Bachelor, and Master degrees from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He studied ‘Leadership & General Management’ at the Stanford University, He has authored 20+ papers in areas ranging from Machine Learning, to Medical Imaging’, to ‘Reconstruction from Incomplete Data’, to Networking, to Automatic Control. Mohan is a Senior Member of the IEEE.